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Diese Skripte verwenden alle JavaScript-Cookies. Cookies sind kleine Informationen, wie Name, ein Datum, eine Bestellung, usw. Web-Seiten können Cookies auf dem System eines Benutzers setzen und sie später wieder abrufen. Sie finden immer häufiger Verwendung bei persönlichen Web-Seiten um Besucher zu erfassen.


Title: Address Book
Contributor: Joe Norman (joe@wdrealty.com)
Details: 6.01 KB
Description: Saves an address book database as a cookie on the user's computer. The author explains that although the actual example may not be particularly useful, the underlying code could be very beneficial for use in other projects.

Title: Bookmark Reminder
Contributor: Dan Kirkpatrick (webmaster@troop321.org)
Details: 2.75 KB
Description: (Best with Internet Explorer) Pops up the "Add to Favorites" bookmark window once a week, or after every certain number of days. Netscape users are given an alert message to remind them to bookmark the site.

Title: Favorite Background
Details: 2.55 KB
Description: Let a JavaScript cookie remember your favorite background color. On future visits, it automatically displays that background color for you.

Title: Cookie Redirect
Contributor: Ronnie T. Moore
Details: 2.91 KB
Description: Redirects the visitor to different pages based on the value of a stored cookie. If no cookie is found, the available items are displayed for the user to pick from, which sets a cookie for their next visit. Our demonstration uses a 'favorite animal' cookie, but this could easily be modified to fit your needs.

Title: ID Tracker
Contributor: Ronnie T. Moore
Details: 2.53 KB
Description: Allows you to save a visitor's referral ID in a cookie ID on their computer. Then, you can you can access that ID cookie from the rest of your site. Useful to help you pay affiliate commissions or track web site referrals. Easy!

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Title: User Name
Details: 3.19 KB
Description: Cookies allow web pages to store information on the visitors computer and to later retrieve that information. This cookie records the visitor's name.

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Title: Number Of Visits
Details: 2.31 KB
Description: This cookies records how many times the visitor has visited the page and writes to the page accordingly. (ie: You have been here 2 times).

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Title: Name - Browser Info
Details: 2.75 KB
Description: This cookies records the visitor's name and also writes the visitor's browser information to the screen.

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Title: Name - Visits - Last Visit
Details: 3.42 KB
Description: This cookies records the visitor's name, how many visits, and the last visit.

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Title: Name - Visits - Message
Details: 3.32 KB
Description: This cookie records the visitor's name, how many visits, and displays a message depending on how many visits have been recorded.

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Title: Only Popup Once
Details: 2.58 KB
Description: If you have a new window open up on your home page, it opens every time your visitors come back to that page. This is rude as well as very annoying thing to force onto your visitors. But, using cookies, this script can determine if the visitor has been here before, and only open a new window on their first visit to the page. The next time they come back, the script will read the cookie, identify them as a repeat visitor, and NOT open the window again. Neat!

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