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Submenü - Java Code

Diese Scripte befassen sich alle mit JavaScript Calendars. Es werde Ihnen einige wirklich ordentliche Kalender - die den Monat, andere das komplette Jahr zeigen, vorgestellt. Einige heben den gegenwärtigen Tag hervor und erzählen Ihnen noch einiges mehr. Alle JavaScript Calendars haben eine [ Quellcode ] - Auswahl, mit der Sie den EXACTEN JavaScript code in Ihr Projekt einbinden können.


Title: Cookie Calendar
Contributor: Greg Quilop (web@queriousdesigns.com)
Details: 9.18 KB
Description: This calendar, written entirely in JavaScript, uses cookies to allow users to save information on specific dates. Includes daily and monthly summaries and a complete help file. Cookie Calendar works as its own program as well. Great!

Title: Date Images
Contributor: Jeff Harding (jbh@site-ations.com)
Details: 2.28 KB
Description: Displays the current date using images. This allows you to be more creative and use any images you want, such as images that match the color or theme of your site.

Title: Date Menu
Contributor: Ben McFarlin (mcfarlin@netscape.net)
Details: 2.67 KB
Description: This JavaScript uses the Date function to dynamically generate accurate dates for the pull-down menus. Each time the user selects a year or month, JavaScript gets the correct number of days in that month and updates the pull down menu. The script is Y2K compliant and also works for leap years. Cool!

Title: Days Left
Contributor: Justin Smith (jsmith@polbox.com)
Details: 0.90 KB
Description: Procrastinators everywhere, rejoice! If many of your projects end up being due on the first of the month, do you know how many days do you have left? This script calculates and displays the number of days (not weekdays) left in the current month in a snap. And, the script has no trouble with leap year or Y2K.

Title: Dynamic Calendar
Contributor: Jason Moon (jasonmoon@usa.net)
Details: 7.06 KB
Description: This calendar allows you to select a month and year and automatically display the a complete calendar for that month in Dynamic HTML. Can data select from the years 1582 to 9999. Great!

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Title: Monthly: Day Highlighted
Contributor:Jason Miller (jsmiller@mines.edu)
Details: 2.98 KB
Description: This is a very interesting fascinating JavaScript calendar. It shows you the current month's calendar, and the current day is highlighted! A very neat effect - some great JavaScripting!

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Title: Monthly: Time - Day Highlighted
Details: 2.72 KB
Description: This JavaScript calendar shows users a calendar that also tells you when you entered the page. Also, the current day is highlighted.

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Title: Popup Date Picker
Contributor: Kedar R. Bhave (softricks@hotmail.com)
Details: 17.17 KB
Description: Getting date input for your web site visitors and customers was never this easy! A popup window appears allowing the user to select a date simply by a clicking it. The user can navigate to previous and future dates, and the selected date is displayed in your form. Great! Uses a .js file so it's easy to re-use this code on your pages.

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Title: Quarterly Calendar
Details: 2.49 KB
Description: This is a very interesting "pretty" JavaScript calendar. It displays the current month, and the month prior and forthcoming on each side.

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Title: Season
Contributor: Michael Mann (pres@manninc.com)
Details: 1.24 KB
Description: Display the current season and year as determined by the system clock. Easy!

Title: Select-A-Month
Contributor: Robert J. Patrick (rpatrick@mit.edu)
Details: 5.31 KB
Description: This script is a wonderful example of JavaScript at it's best. Simply select any month of any year, and JavaScript will "build" you the calendar for that month! It's great! Give it a try!

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Title: US-Euro Calendar
Contributor: Doug Lawson (dlawson@clark.net)
Details: 18.57 KB
Description: A powerful calendar that allows you to scroll through the months. Displays monthly calendars in U.S. or Euro style, three months at a time. It even lets you define the holidays!

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Title: Year
Details: 1.83 KB
Description: Check out this script! See the whole year! A very neat effect - some great JavaScripting!

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Title: Yearly: Day Highlighted
Details: 2.63 KB
Description: Check out this script! See the whole year! Today is even highlighted! A very neat effect - some great JavaScripting!

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